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Directed by: Alice Winocour

Cinema program "Proxima" in Kraków

Cinema   Friday, 24 January
Morning Afternoon Evening
Cinema City Bonarka 2d 10:35 15:00 ticket 17:10 ticket 19:30 ticket 21:50 ticket
Cinema City Galeria Kazimierz 2d 15:00 ticket 18:40 ticket 21:00 ticket
Cinema City Plaza 2d 17:20 ticket 19:40 ticket 22:00 ticket
Cinema City Zakopianka 2d 17:20 ticket 19:40 ticket 22:00 ticket
Kijów 16:15
Kino Kika 15:00 ticket 19:00 ticket
Kino Pod Baranami 11:00 19:30 ticket
Multikino 20:40 ticket
Movie poster Proxima
Original title: Proxima
Runtime: 107 min.
Production: Francja/Niemcy , 2020
Category: action / drama
Release Date: 24 January 2020
Distribution: Best Film

Directed by: Alice Winocour
Cast: Eva Green, Matt Dillon, Lars Eidinger

Eva Green in the feminine edition of "First Man".

Sara (Eva Green) is an astronaut. As the only woman she takes part in the exhaustive training of the European Space Agency. Every day under the control of machines and specialists, subjected to the extreme conditions that prevail on a spacecraft, he trains the endurance of his body. Her everyday life is not only murderous training, but also constantly proving the male part of the crew that she deserves a place in the team. At home, she drops the suit and is the mother of 7-year-old Stella.
When she is elected a member of the Proxima mission crew, her life begins to get complicated. As an astronaut she is ready to fulfill her dreams and fly into space, as a mother she is afraid of separation from her daughter. Every decision is good and bad at the same time. the cosmos sometimes proves to be less of a challenge than ordinary life on Earth.

A film directed by Alice Winocour, screenwriter for "Mustang" - nominated for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Language Film category

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