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Amazing Grace: Aretha Franklin

Directed by: Sydney Pollack, Alan Elliott

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Movie poster Amazing Grace: Aretha Franklin

Runtime: 118 min.
Production: USA , 2018
Release Date: 15 November 2019

Directed by: Sydney Pollack, Alan Elliott
Cast: Aretha Franklin

A documentary record of two nights of recordings by Aretha Franklin's gospel concert of 1972, which never saw the light of day. The adventures of the image creators (technical and legal) did not allow them to show their work for over 46 years. Until now. The film shows not only the influence of African Americans on American culture of the early 1970s. - she is also a moving testimony to the craftsmanship of one of the most important and greatest jazz, soul and gospel artists.

The material was recorded during two nights in the church of Fr. James Cleveland in Watts, California, in January 1972. The Queen of Soul - as Aretha was called, rises in it to the heights of her talent and divine gift, paying homage to the gospel music she grew out of and the entire American community of those years. The great music diva, performing in front of an enthusiastic audience, warms it to whiteness, squeezes tears from the eyes and leaves a lasting trace in the heart. No one will remain indifferent to this musical feast.

text: Cinema Pod Baranami

Average rate: 6.0
rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0 rating 6.0
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